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Core Values

Our core values drive our mission, vision, and the programs we create.

  • Leadership: We believe girls can succeed and lead by preparing for advancement and practicing daring contributions to their sphere of influence now.  We strive to increase female representation of  excellence with exposure to current executive leaders, community change agents, and mentors.

  • Equity: We believe that systematic racism and patriarchy hasn’t afforded black and brown girls the support they need.  ALL girls play an active role in transformative social change and the collective empowerment in gender and racial equity.  We promote inclusiveness by embracing cultural heritage.

Our Mission
  • Holistic: Every great mindful leader promotes emotional health.  We develop our well-being and connect through positive relationships and sisterhood.

  • Personal Development: An empowered girl who continues to grow in self-awareness will cast vision for herself and society.  True fulfillment occurs through developing your values, beliefs, and your purpose.

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  • Service: Leaders display a lifetime commitment to community service.  We encourage each girl to develop a personal passion around a social issue that encourages civil responsibility towards transformative change.

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